La Bottega

The physical year in Perugia is over.  The inspiration to write and photograph has taken a monumental dip, but I’m not quite ready to end the blog . . . almost, but not quite.  There are a couple places I especially miss and a few corners of the city that I’d still like to post. Like this:

La Bottega is one of our favorite spots in Perugia.  It’s a tiny four seat sandwich counter that serves the best selection of cured meats and cheese we ever had.  The selections are titled in Perugian dialect with Italian translations.  The offerings are simple and pure.  The menu includes 16 sandwiches and two combinations of meat and cheese boards.  The only variation was on Thursday when Signor Geraldo added slices of seasoned, roasted pork to the menu.


We ate here more than any other place in town.  Matt and I stopped by at noon way before most self-respecting Italians would consider eating lunch.  There would be a couple stools available where we could watch the meat being sliced and assembled between a nice Umbrian bun.  We would order a glass of wine or a local beer and feel outrageously lucky for this perfect Italian hour before the kids came home from school.

Translation:  happiness is a sandwich and a glass of wine.

Translation: happiness is a sandwich and a glass of wine.

It became a special occasion place too. On November 22, when every American we knew was waking up to Thanksgiving (and not a soul in Perugia recognized its significance) Matt and I walked down to La Bottega and ordered a plate of dried sausage, prosciutto, capocollo, ciauscolo, coppa, mortadella and pecorino cheese. We felt very thankful.


During the last week in Italy, when our bags were packed and we were preparing to close the door on our year in Perugia, we took the kids to La Bottega for their first time and then ate there three lunches in a row.

And now that we are back, La Bottega’s menu sits in our kitchen inspiring me to search out the best available ingredients and begin to assemble a repertoire of sandwiches that I can recreate at home.  So far, I’ve found one product that makes the cut, salamis from Olli Salumeria.

8 thoughts on “La Bottega

  1. If I am ever fortunate to visit Perugia, I will have to look this wonderful sandwich shop up. Sigh….

  2. Jill,
    To be honest, I am not ready for you to end the blog. Perhaps, you could do “Life in Washington” for I loved knowing about your thoughts, adventures, reflections and those of Matt, Tom, and Ray. It was a great treat to see you on Saturday. Thank you so much for the photo assistance.


  3. Thank-you for taking us to la Bottega when we visited Perugia. We understand. Let’s re-create when you visit us in August. Love, Mom

  4. I stumbled on your blog when I was googling a particular pasta being served at Il Corvo here in Seattle (where I too happen to live). Love the blog and am jealous of the amazing experience you created for yourself. I hope you keep blogging too, FWIW.

  5. What a lovely surprise to find a new blog post waiting for me on your site. I think it’s a great idea to continue blogging about what you miss and your challenges/successes in recreating at least the culinary experience at home. I bet you find some places you never would have sought out otherwise. Can’t wait to see you and chat about it in person! LOVE…

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