Sardinia, First Stop, San Teodoro


Sardinia is the Italian island-region just off the western coast of the mainland.  Its jagged shore weaving in and out of the Mediterranean Sea creates hundreds of small, sandy coves.  These secluded beaches make Sardinia famous, and with the weather in the 80s, lots of Italians are taking a ferry or catching a cheap flight and coming over for a visit. It was hard to decide where we wanted to stay first.  Each seaside town seems to overlook spectacular shades of clear, turquoise water. But after seeing a postcard hanging in a restaurant in Umbria last month, we chose to visit San Teodoro.
We found the hotel on the internet: “close to the beach . . .good for families . . .wifi available . . .breakfast included.”  And the website offered a discount for paying in advance.   As we drove up, Tom took one glance at the bouncy house and said, “This must be a five star hotel!”
We entered the reception area at 9pm to loud music from the pool area.  They enthusiastically told us that there was dancing every night until midnight right outside our room.  As we walked past the grassy common area and to our little hut, someone stopped us and listed off the activities for the next day.  There would be games and more dancing and competitions and kids’ crafts and themed evenings.  It sounded like a Carnival Cruise.
But by 10 the next day, we were all on board.
Most of the guests at Hotel Hexagon were seniors.  All were Italian with the majority from Naples.  They kindled an endearing, energetic, sometimes brash, southern atmosphere during our stay.  The first day, several of the older guests broke out in traditional Italian dance.  By the second night, they were timing those same steps to “I Follow Rivers” by Audiogroove.
a pre-lunch dance party.  Ilaria taught new dance moves every day at 12:00

Pre-lunch dance instruction

Matt and Tom entered a two-day bocce ball tournament, and came in third place.Matt and Tom entered a two-day bocci ball tournament, and came in third place.

Matt and Tom entered a two-day bocce ball tournament, and came in third place.

Our friend Stacia took anther break from her Sardinian sailing job to hang out with us.

And our friend Stacia took another break from her Sardinian sailing job to hang out with us.

Even though we only stayed two nights, saying goodbye was pretty hard.  We all regreted our plan to continue south to Cala Gonone.  We no longer wanted to see “some of Sardinia’s most beautiful hidden beaches and grottos.”  We wanted more pool side dancing and bocce ball.  So as fate would have it, we did get to return.  Half way to our next destination, we realized we left a bag back at Hotel Hexigon.  We made a u-turn and got to see everyone back in San Teodoro for another goodbye.

7 thoughts on “Sardinia, First Stop, San Teodoro

  1. Great location for a vacation. Looks like fun. Not sure I would have worn that speedo during bocci tournament. I’m still lovin Ray’s shades.
    Love, Grandpa John

  2. I don’t know which I love more, all the little Italian ladies dancing in their swim suits (and Ray with them–you are awesome!) or the men playing bocce in Speedos! Great post Jill!! xoxo

  3. An endearing post. I think I’d feel right at home there. The Italian spirit is just priceless. Thank-you for teaching us so much this year. We are better for it. I love you. Mom

  4. Love it. what a contrast to the rest of Italy. Looked like a great way to end the school year.
    xo – sk

  5. This was a real vacation. I can see why you regretted leaving your first stop. These were the “Fun People”… totally into celebrating life with dance, games….and I presume a little wine. May your last weeks hold new and wonderful surprises. Anita

  6. The first time I took my boys to Spain, France, Italy there were in a little culture shock at the beachwear or lack thereof LOL! They got used to it though. We eventually went to Cap d’Agde and spent a week and they loved it. The met a lot of kids their age and had a blast.

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