The Emergency Room (written by Ray)

by guest blogger Ray


Tomorrow is our last day of school.  Yeah!  So today our teachers let us go outside.  One of my favorite games to play with my classmates is nascondino.  It’s a running game of hide-and-seek.  Only today, it wasn’t very fun.  When I was it, I tried to catch two of my friends.  While I was running, I bumped into someone, fell and hit the pavement.  When I stood up and saw all the blood, I thought my nose was bleeding and I wondered why my mouth felt like sand paper.  The teachers ran over, and when they saw me, they gasped and covered their mouths.  Then I had a feeling that I broke my teeth.  Everyone stopped playing and came over to help.  A teacher walked me inside and got me some water.  Another teacher collected my teeth off the ground.  Someone called my parents.  Unfortunately, they were in Deruta so it took awhile for them to get me.



Mom and Dad came, they were worried.  The teachers told them to take me to the emergency room. The hospital was 20 minutes away.  It was a big place, and it took a long time to find the dentist department.  After my mom signed some papers, they took us to a room, and a doctor and two nurses started working on my teeth. I was scared.  I thought there would be a lot of pain, and I thought it was going to take a long time. First they cleaned my mouth.  I tried to relax, but it was hard so I clenched my hands over my legs.  The doctor was nice and tried to speak English to me, but after he heard me speak in Italian, we decided to talk in Italian.  He sanded down my teeth with an electric tool.  That was the most painful part.  Then he glued my old teeth back on and added a little bit of fake tooth to fill in the missing parts.

We weren’t there very long.  I was glad when it was done.  It only cost 26 euros! (But I didn’t have to pay.)

The doctor told me to be very careful with my teeth.  He said to eat soft foods (like gelato) for a week and to not chomp with my front teeth.

We drove back to our apartment for lunch.  By now, school was over.  All my friends and my teachers started calling.  Everyone was wondering if I was okay.  I told them that I felt good and that I would definitely be at school for the last day.  I’m excited for tomorrow because after school, everyone is meeting for lunch at a restaurant in the country that has a swimming pool.



18 thoughts on “The Emergency Room (written by Ray)

  1. Oh no, Ray! What a bummer. But it sounds like you handled it like a champ, and your teeth look as good as new. That is the fastest (and cheapest!) tooth repair I’ve ever heard of. Have fun with your friends at the swimming pool today. xoxo.

  2. Dear Ray,
    I am so glad that your teeth are fixed… a positive ending to an ordeal.

    Do you know the story of your grandfather and his front teeth? After a car accident, Grandfather Don’s teeth looked much like the picture of your front teeth but with much more missing. His teeth had to be capped rather than repaired for dentistry has come a long way in the past 50 years.

    Do you know the story of your Great Aunt Anita’s front teeth? When I was in third grade living in Quincy, Washington, our summer days were spent at the community pool. Mary Beth and I would ride our bikes to the pool where Deas (your grandfather) was one of the life guards. One day I dove into the shallow end and knocked out one of my front teeth. Having just witnessed my big brother’s front teeth trials, I hunted around for the broken tooth at the bottom of the pool. Being an independent soul, I ran out of the pool without telling Don or Mary Beth my plan, and hopped on my bike and rode to the dentist. The technology didn’t allow the treatment you received. Instead, a silver cap was placed on the tooth. For a number of years, I had a bright silver cap, very embarrassing to a young girl, until it was replaced with a white cap, one that has been replaced throughout my life.

    So, Ray Deasy, you join a number of Deasy’s with great front teeth experiences… but your story came out the best. You are so handsome, before and after the Big Game in Italy.

    With love, Great Aunt Anita

  3. Ray,
    Great story. You’re tough!!!!
    Make sure to add some details before you get back to the US. All your friends will ask what happened and you should make sure to somehow include the police, a motorcycle, a Frenchman, and some duck tape. Maybe even a cute girl!!!

    Have a great last day.


  4. Dear Ray,

    You write the best blogs!

    Sorry the topic was your broken front teeth!

    I remember many years ago my daughter was living in Sydney, Australia. My grandson, age 2 at the time, got knocked off a piece of play equipment at his play school. (I did find out later that he had aggressively took over the little riding thing from a another little boy). My daughter called us in the middle of the night (19 hours time difference), called her dentist back in the States, etc. In the end it was decided “no worries” it was a baby tooth. He did look a bit “off” for about 5 years until his permanent front tooth grew in!

    You sounded mighty brave, but I guess I knew that already. Your teeth look great & who can be upset about eating gelato as a steady dietJ

    P.S. Are you excited about your return to Bellevue?


    Karen Sehrer


    Karen C. Sehrer

    Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc.


  5. Oh la la Ray. I’m glad you are alright! I think I had about the same reaction as your teachers when I saw that first photo of your teeth.
    (PS Jill, Noé got another of your postcards today 🙂 thank you!)

  6. Oh my gosh Ray! You crazy guy.

    I am so glad your repairs were quick and painless. And cheap!! It seems many of us have similar stories. If you’re curious, here’s mine:

    When I was in college, I was delirious from studying for finals. So my roommate and I took a break. It was dark out and we were going to walk to the drug store for candy or soda or something – just to get out of our dorm room.

    It was winter, so it was cold. But no ice or snow on the ground. We were playing a similar game of tag. Just running and burning energy. I was “it.” I ran and launched toward my roommate – just as someone called from behind me and I turned to see who it was. My arms followed Kathleen who ducked down and out of the way. But my trajectory did not change. I flew over the top of where she had been in some kind of crooked leap-frog maneuver.

    I hit the sidewalk face first with no hands to break my fall. I was embarrassed so I jumped up and started laughing… until I saw the blood and spit out my teeth. Then I started crying. I went to college in Wisconsin and my parents were in Idaho. So it was a lot of emergency rooms and dental surgeries while far from home. (I already had a plane ticket to fly home for the holidays in about a week – so I went through this part on my own in Wisconsin.)

    My teeth actually “died” from the impact and I had to get a root canals. YUCK! My face was black and blue but I had to go take my finals anyway. It was NOT a good look. 🙂

    Worse yet – they had to put a metal rod in my upper jaw to rebuild one of the teeth I lost. I had braces on just 5 teeth – on only the upper / right side of my mouth – for about 6 months. I was a total nerd!

    I can’t believe they could just glue your teeth back on with no root canal or anything. LUCKY GUY!!

    Still today, I have to have one of my front teeth bleached from the INSIDE in order to keep it white.

    So silly.

    Whenever I get (or give) silly mouthy-teeth for Halloween, I think about how I looked like that for a while! Ha!!

    You know what the moral of this story is? For YOU and ME?

    No running tag!!! 🙂

    So glad your smile is in tact. Show it off kiddo.

    Be happy and travel home safe.


  7. Hey Ray: sorry you broke your tooth but the new ones look great. Did they redo your hair while you were there ? What happened to the cool flip ?

  8. Bad accident, Ray, and I am so sorry. You handled it like a trooper, and I’m glad the Italian dentists put you back together. You look just as handsome as ever. Just don’t bite into apples — cut them up, however wimpy it seems. And definitely avoid toffee and toffee apples. I speak from experience of damaged teeth.

    I know your year in Italy is coming to an end. It’s really neat that you have learned another language. Make sure you don’t let it lapse once you get back to the States because language is like a muscle — if you don’t exercise it, it will atrophy. Ask your parents to find you opportunities to keep speaking Italian. You’ll never regret it.

  9. Dear, dear Ray, I always expect an interesting, exciting blog from you, but THIS one was over the moon! It was a pleasant surprise to see how perfect you looked after the repair job! Ask your mom about her chipped tooth experience at Lake Shasta. Since everybody seems to have a story, here’s mine. Six years old, jumping on the couch with my brothers when mom and dad weren’t looking….seeing who could jump the highest and wanting to prove I was as brave as two big brothers I really got high….and then actually plummeted over the back of the couch onto the cement basement floor…head first. My baby teeth were knocked out and when the big teeth grew in they stuck out and were crooked because the missing teeth left open spaces in my gums. I’m sorry you had to go through this, but your bravery is impressive and now you have one more grand experience to remember about Italy. Lots of love to you. Can’t wait to see you back in the USA, where you can hardly buy toothpaste for the price of your repair job. Gramma Carol

  10. Ray, your pretty tuff. Looks like it turned out fine. I will check them out at Roche Harbor. Your story reminds me of the time I chiped mine on a satellite retriever arm, on board the space shuttle. Hard to find a good dentist in outer space. That was not nearly has bad though as the time I knocked them both out and swallowed them trying to jump the Grand Canyon on a 2000 horsepower nitrous propelled motorcycle. Hard to find a good dentist, and lower G.I. Specialist floating down the Grand Canyon.
    Anyways, I don’t want to bore you with my stories. You have a good one for your own.
    Miss you. See you soon.

  11. oh my gosh Ray! thats crazy! I’m glad you are ok now though, they did a very good job fixing your teeth!

  12. Yikes! Ow! Thank god they were able to repair them so quickly (and well!). Also , thank god for gelato, king of “soft foods.” Hope your last day of school was great!

  13. OMG, Rai 1 !!!!!!! That is crazy! I am not a fan of the dentist, so I have extra admiration of you.
    Have you ever heard of the the 6 Million Dollar Man from the 1970’s? You are just like him, but 26 Euros. Too bad you are only able to eat gelato. Have fun. oxx, Stephy

  14. You are amazing Ray! So sorry about your tooth, but you look as handsome as ever! You wrote about it so well. I can’t believe your school year is done already. That means we get to see you soon!

  15. Ray, so sorry you had to go through that. Well, your class mates will never forget you. “The American kid that got his teeth broken in the last week of school.”. You look great after the repair work. Hardly wait to see you. Have fun in these last weeks.
    Love, Grandpa John

  16. Ray! You are crazy! Did you hear that I broke my wrist the day I was supposed to be in a music video? (its pretty much better now) You are so tough though! I cant wait for Mazama with you guys!
    xo Grey

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