My Field Trip to Pompeii (written by Tom)

by guest blogger Tom


I just got back from an overnight trip with my class to southern Italy.  We left on a Tuesday morning.  I met my teacher and the other students at the bus stop at 7:00 am for a five-hour drive down to Pompeii to visit the ancient ruins.

My classmates were excited to visit a city together and stay overnight in a hotel.

During the bus ride down, kids listened to music on their phones to pass the time.  I played Uno with my friend Luca.  Halfway through the trip, we stopped at an Autogrill to eat lunch and buy a snack.  I bought two big bags of marshmallows.

We stayed at the Hotel Vittoria near Naples.  We arrived around noon and checked in.  The hotel itself was good.  I shared a room with Matteo and Giovanni.  There were no teachers or chaperones in our room telling us when to go to bed so I stayed up until 1 am listening to music and watching a movie. Only one unfortunate thing happened while we were there.  I was playing with a toy that Matteo brought.  It was a squishy ball filled with powder that stretches into many different shapes.  When I was trying to twist it into a face, it suddenly exploded and sent white powder everywhere.   It was all over the beds, the chairs, the carpet and all over me.  It took forever to clean up.

Here's what the room looked like before the explosion.

Here’s what the room looked like before the explosion.

Unfortunately, the food wasn’t so great during the trip. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room of our hotel.  Dinner was pasta with ragu, steak and potatoes and then gelato for dessert.  Lunch was gnocchi, potatoes, chicken and gelato.  For breakfast we were served a bagged croissant and a jar of pear juice.  (American breakfasts are so much better.) During the trip, we stopped for a gelato break three times.  Italian kids eat so much ice cream.

During our first afternoon, we went to look at the Pompeii ruins with a guide.  Pompeii is an ancient city that was buried by ash in 79 AD after the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.  It was interesting for a little bit, but after a while it got hot and I became tired.  At the end of the tour, we  visited the museum  which displays casts of humans who were buried by the ash.  We also saw the houses and stores where those people lived and worked.  We spent most of the day in Pompeii and got back to the hotel around 8pm



During the second day we visited Il Antro della Sibilla a Cuma which is a cluster of caves up in the hills.  These caves used to be the homes of fortune tellers during the time of the ancient Romans.  People could visit and ask the women (called sibyls) a question about their fate and the women would give them a vague answer.  We spent about three hours up there looking at the caves.  There were lots of plants and trees and geckos.  And there was a great view of the ocean too.

This is one of the caves we saw

This is one of the caves.

Before we got on the bus to go back to Perugia, we stopped at another gelateria.  I got a popsicle shaped as a watermelon with chocolate for the seeds. Then, we headed home.  During the bus ride, we played “monkey in the middle” with a bottle of water, but after a while, the teacher told us to stop so we sat quietly until we arrived in Perugia.  My parents and Ray were waiting for me.  I went to sleep as soon as I got home, but I still felt tired for the next few days.

7 thoughts on “My Field Trip to Pompeii (written by Tom)

  1. Tom,
    Your field trip was certainly more exciting than the field trips I have been on with school children: a trip to the tulip fields in LaConner, a trip to the city library in Issaquah, a trip to the zoo in San Diego. You have had so MANY unbelievable experiences. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Great Aunt Anita

  2. Great post Tom! This is a field trip that none of your WA friends will ever be able to replicate, how fortunate you are. Love all the pictures and personal thoughts. Enjoy your last month of school and the travel adventures to follow. Great to see your smiling face this morning! 🙂

  3. Tom, Wonderful blog. Your photos tell a great story along with your narritive. Bring some BBQ Mallows home and we can roast them this summer. Looks like you have some nice friends. I think I recognized a couple of them. See you soon.
    Grandpa John

  4. Tom, it was fun to peek in on your field trip. Why didn’t you take a picture of your hotel room AFTER the explosion? Great photo of the gecko. Thanks for taking the time to write a blog. Everything you are doing seems outstanding since we are so far away from ancient ruins like Pompei. I was there once, with your mom. We missed the gelato! Love, Gramma

  5. Great post, Tom. Pompeii was one if the first places I ever visited in Italy. I found the casts of the people who had been buried in the ash really spooky (still do!). So glad you had a good time and lots of gelato! Enjoy your last months of Italy – can’t wait to see you guys again!

  6. Tom, great post. How long did it take to eat all the marshmallows? Do they have Italian style marshmallows? Did you play chubby bunny? Where did you get the husky hat with the American flag W? I want one of those.

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