My Two Days (written by Ray)

by guest blogger Ray

Sitting by Lago Trasimeno

Last Tuesday, Tom went with his class to Pompeii.  (It’s a city that was buried a long time ago from ash when Mt. Vesuvius erupted.)  So for two days, it was just me, Mom and Dad.

Waving goodbye to Tom's class

Waving goodbye to Tom’s class

Tom left on a bus at 7am, and I went to school like usual from 8-1.  I like school. I’ve made lots of new friends this year.  Some are boys and some are girls.  My least favorite class right now is Italian.  We just finished a unit on journalism.  Italians don’t have a “W” in their alphabet, but they still use “the 5 W’s” when studying newspaper articles.  They pronounce it like, “oo, wat, were, win and wyee.”  We had to read and write lots of articles.  I’m glad we are finished.  My favorite class is Math.  I got a 9 out of 10 on my last test.

Anyway, after school my parents took me to Lago Trasimeno.  This is a huge lake in Umbria that’s close to Perugia.  When we got there, we found a little pebbly area near the water and skipped rocks for a while.  I can skip a rock four times.  My dad can skip a rock at least eight times.  But my mom can’t skip at all.

Me and Dad skipping rocks

Dad and me skipping rocks

We drove further on until we got to a restaurant called Faliero.  This is a popular restaurant.  Sometimes you have to wait more than an hour to order your food.  We got there at 7:30 which is early for Italians, so we only waited 10 minutes.  This place is famous for its “torta al testo” which is a triangular sandwich filled with sausages.  That’s what I ordered.  My mom and dad split one and had a plate of gnocchi too.

Torta al testo

After dinner we drove home and watched an episode of Modern Family that we bought on iTunes.

The next day after school, we took another trip.  This time we went to a city called Città di Castello.   This is a small city about one hour away.  First we went to a museum that was in an old tobacco drying warehouse.  The whole building was full of paintings by an artist named Burri.  He was an Italian captured in WWII by the Americans and put in prison.  That’s where he got the idea to do art.  His paintings are big and very different than other paintings we have seen in Italy.  Most of them were very plain.  None of them looked like anything I could recognize.  We tried to find faces and heads in the paintings.  One of the paintings looked like a human and the face of a dog, but it was hard to tell.




After the museum we started to walk around the city.  First we went to a church.  Then we walked past an old hospital.  Next my legs started to get tired so we got gelato.  My favorite flavor is still chocolate.  Then we went to another church.  It was more interesting than the last one because they had some candles to light.  Right outside the church I saw a park and I played there for a while.  I liked the swings the best.  But my favorite part of the city was climbing the bell tower.  There were a lot of stairs and a view on top.  We were the only ones there.

At the top of the bell tower

We had dinner in Città di Castello and then had to drive back to Perugia to pick up Tom.  His bus got in at 10:30 at night.  I liked the trips we took.  It was fun to see the lake and another city.  But one of my favorite parts of Tom’s field trip was being able to use Tom’s Husky plate while he was gone.

Go Dawgs

8 thoughts on “My Two Days (written by Ray)

  1. What a great post Ray! It was so fun to hear about your adventures. The lake was beautiful! We miss you and can’t wait to see you in just a couple months. Love from the Frossmos

  2. I really liked reading your post, Ray. You are a great storyteller. I’m going to start practicing my rock skipping in preparation for Roche. 🙂

    ps Jill – loved the picture of Ray sitting by the lake at sunset. Beautiful.

  3. Ray, you are a very good storyteller. It is nice to have your Mom and Dad all to yourself once in awhile, isn’t it. Love to you and all your family. Aunt Callie

  4. Hi Ray, I can’t believe how much older you are looking. You look terrific. We cant wait to see you and show us some of your favorite spots. We feel very lucky to be able to visit. Give your mom a big hug for me.

  5. Wow Ray. This is a great blog. When you are here this summer you can skip rocks on the river. I have never tried it on the river. The torta al testo looked yummy. Your will have to show how to make it. See you soon. Love, Grandpa John

  6. Dear Ray,
    What a great blog. From the photo of you at Lago Trasimeno, to the descriptions of your “only child” adventures, to descriptions of your Italian schooling, it was a special glimpse at Ray, a very fine young man. Thank you so much for sharing YOU and your life. Great Aunt Anita

    PS. This week I bought EVONUK hazelnuts at the bulk counter in Portland Whole Foods. Very exciting.

  7. Great post Ray. You’re a born blogger. I loved it. Your cure for tired legs sounds delicious. We miss that shiny, dark, chocolate gelato from Groms. Keep writing. You are so talented the way you paint pictures with your words. Love, Gramma Carol

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