Sports, School and Ice Cream (written by Tom)

by guest blogger Tom


My favorite thing to write about is football, especially the Huskies.  This fall I wrote weekly reports on college football.  I watched every Husky game from our computer here, and I’m excited to go to all the home games next fall.

There aren’t many Italians who know what real football is.  Some think it’s soccer, and some think it’s rugby.  Most people think I’m a rugby player.   I wear a Husky football jersey to school every day under my uniform.  On Thursday when I have PE, I get to wear shorts.  P.E. is one of my favorite classes.  So is French.

I wear a Husky football jersey to school every day under my uniform.

These are all the boys in my class except one, who was absent today.

But I don’t really like school that much.  In Math, we have to be very organized.  We have to use a red pen for the title at the top of the page, a black pen for headings, a green pen for lines and line segments, a blue pen for showing our work and a pencil for drawling angles and pie charts.  And the big problem is, we are not allowed to use white-out or erasers, so if you mess up, you have to start over.  Yesterday I asked my teacher why we couldn’t always use pencils and erasers.  She said that people would take home their assignments after they were corrected, erase all the incorrect answers and replace them with the right ones.  However, students still find ways to cheat.  The other day, I caught three of my classmates using cheat sheets for a test, so I got up, grabbed the cheat sheets, and turned them into the teacher.  Luckily, the three boys weren’t mad at me and they agreed not to do it again.  Hopefully, this will put an end to cheating in my class.

We have a class called Antologia where we read stories.  The stories are confusing.  I understand the words in Italian, but the story itself doesn’t really make sense.  For instance, there was one called “The Wolf and the Sheep.”  This is how it goes:

One day, a wolf and a sheep arrived at a drinking river at the same time.  The wolf was mean and wanted an excuse to eat the sheep.  He said, “Why are you dirtying my water?”

The sheep replied, “How could I dirty your water? You’re farther up stream than me.”

Then the wolf said, “Six months ago you were saying bad things about me.”

“Six months ago I wasn’t born,” the sheep responded.

“Your dad was saying bad things about me,” said the wolf, and he grabbed the sheep and ate him.  THE END.

In art history, we are studying columns.  There are three types of ancient Greek columns: the Doric, the Ionic, and the Corinthian.  On Sunday I found a Corinthian column in a town we visited.

In art history, we are studying columns. There are three types of ancient Greek columns: the Doric, the Ionic, and the Corinthian. On Sunday we found a Corinthian column in a town we visited.

One good thing about my school is that the teachers sometimes don’t show up.  This week, we have gone to school for 15 hours and for 10 of them the teachers were gone.  When this happens, we go into another classroom and write, draw, read or do whatever we want to.  Right before school got out today, we heard that all but one of our teachers for tomorrow are sick.  The principal gave all the kids the option to go to school or not.  You can probably guess what I chose.

One of the worst things about school is that we go six days a week. Then on Sunday, my one day off, my parents take us sight-seeing and we have to look at piazzas, churches and museums.  Last weekend we went to Montefalco and Bevagna, but at least I got to bring my football.

I played catch with my dad in the main piazza

I played catch with my dad in the main piazza.

While we were there, we went to a museum that was kind of boring, but at least it wasn’t very big.  My mom and I counted angels.  We found 96 in the main part of the museum.  Then as we were about to leave, we found a special angel-only exhibit downstairs.  The first one looked like a wide receiver who missed a catch.


And the second one looked like a disappointed coach



We have only 149 days left, and I’m glad.  I like Bellevue better.  I think everything is better back home like my friends, my school, my house, and even the food. At least here I can get gelato every day.  My favorite flavors are lemon, vanilla cream and chocolate chip, but I like Baskin-Robbins more because the ice cream is colder and the flavors are better.  I can’t wait to get home and eat pink bubblegum ice cream, cinnamon firehouse, and poprock swirl.

Today my ice cream fell off my cone and onto the floor but luckily, Verena and Sabrina gave me a second one for free.

Today my ice cream fell off my cone and onto the floor, but luckily Verena and Sabrina gave me a second one for free.


15 thoughts on “Sports, School and Ice Cream (written by Tom)

  1. Hi Tom — what fun to hear about your experiences in Italy. We miss not having you guys around and looking across the street at your house without you there is really strange. While you’re eager to get back, be sure to soak in all that you’re seeing and doing and eating in Italy! It’s a special adventure, and I’ll bet there will be times next year when you wish you were back there, too!

  2. Great writing, Tom! That was fun to hear about your school and adventures from your perspective.
    B&R will be waiting for you with open arms. I personally would welcome a fine gelato! 🙂 Enjoy your Italian days.

  3. I got a laugh out of the sheep story. Those angels are fantastic. I love your description. Perfect.

    It’s crazy that the teachers just don’t show up some days. Maybe your mom could be a sub for the class. Maybe do an art imagination?? The 6th graders here have had so many subs this year and it sounds like some of them are mean, giving out lots of detentions. TK and Quinn have avoided that so far…but they are only halfway done. 🙂

    Love you guys. We’ll see you so soon. xo

  4. Tom, You have become a blog afficianatoo. Loved reading it. In fact I just read it for the second time. Grandma and I are sitting in the airport and sharing which parts of the blog we like best. My vote is for the angles that portray the football players. I love “ICE”…… Ask your mom what that it. Please take me out for gelato when we are there. Keep up the good work at school. See you soon.
    Love, Grandpa John

  5. Keep on writing, Tom. Don’t stop. Your perceptions are uniquely ‘Tom Deasy’ said as only you could say it. Every day in Perugia will make Bellevue all the sweeter. Your choice of descriptions and topics will be a document of this ‘never to be repeated’ year abroad with your mom, dad, and Ray. Think of it as a time capsule, sealing all the struggles, insights, frustrations, and fantasies into a blog where you can return and remember what it was like living ‘oneyearinperugia.’ Courage! We love you. Gramma Carol

  6. Great job Tom! Sometimes it is nice to hear a young person’s perspective on “one year in perugia”. Hang in there, you will be home before you know it and when you are a little older and a little bit wiser, you will realize what a wonderful experience your Mom and Dad have given you and Ray. Say hi to your Mom and Dad and Ray. Love you guys!

  7. It all comes back to the game. During this season of “one year in perugia” you are building so much strength and stamina. Next season when you return, you will be a player to be feared and revered!
    Oliver and I are so glad you are there, otherwise we wouldn’t get to travel to Europe together to see you. And maybe we’ll give you an excuse to miss another day of school!

  8. Tom, I love that your sense of humor shines through everything. I think the “Football Angels” series would make a fantastic triptych. (That’s a fancy word I learned in Art History when I was in high school.) Spend your energy on all the good experiences. Don’t worry about the negatives. (Even if you learn nothing in math this year, I know you’ll be fine next year. And, I’m pretty sure Sam does all his math using a pencil and eraser.) Play their game, if you want, but always look at it as a game. We can’t wait to have you back in Bellevue!

  9. School in a foreign country must suck. At least you dont really have school when teachers are gone. Tyee is awesome. Can’t wait for you to come back!

  10. I loved your writing. I liked in the angel pictures you said that they looked like football players. I can’t wait till you get back.

  11. oh Tom, thank you for this post. I’ve read it no less than five times over the last few days and it makes me giggle and miss you at the same time. You are such a great writer. The real you comes clearly through in your writing and, though it isn’t the same as having you here, it’s just enough to get us through til you return. We love you!!

  12. Dear Tom, I enjoy hearing your perspective. I foresee a career in American football commentating or writing for you! I love the photo of you and your classmates. Glad you are not a cheater!

  13. Such a great post, Tom. Thanks for sharing. I loved your perspective. Our whole family was at Pike Place Market last weekend and we went to Procopio, which is a gelato shop. It was good, but not nearly as good as the gelato you’re getting in Perugia. I wish you could bring some lemon home for me. 🙂

  14. Hi Tom – love, love, love your obsession with football! I love that you stay true to your passion even when you are some where that does not truly understand it. What a great ambassador of the sport you are! Grady would be right along side you in many of your opinions! He is sleeping with that darn ball as we speak. He waits like a puppy dog for his brother to get home just to toss it. Get it. Oh and that test story! For all the work YOU have to put in…..I’d grab those cheat sheets too! You crack me up Tom! Love it when you write. Hilarious, truthful and real. Keep it up 🙂

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