Me in Italy (written by Ray)

by guest blogger Ray


School has been going really well for me ever since Christmas break and the week I was sick.  I’ve been understanding a lot more in Italian.  I use to get easier work than the Italian kids in school, but now I do the same exercises and homework as them.  I think it’s fun.  Also, conversation is easier to understand.  I hardly ever have to say “Non capisco.”

My favorite class in school is Italian grammar because the teacher is really nice to me and it’s the easiest class.  Right now we are studying comparisons and superlatives.  For instance, if something is good, we say it is “buono.”  If something is better, we say “migliore.”  If something is the best, we say “ottimo.”  At first it was confusing, but my tutor Paola helped me understand.

In history we are learning about the Etruscans.  They lived before the Romans.  Where they came from is a mystery, but they lived in here Umbria and around the center of Italy.  They were the ones who invented the arch.  They were really good architects.  When they wrote, they wrote from right to left, and they did not have spaces between their words.  They wrote with a different alphabet than ours.

This is an Etruscan arch.  It's the most famous arch in Perugia.

This is an Etruscan arch. It’s the most famous arch in Perugia.

My least favorite class is science.  Right now we are studying the body.  We are learning about breathing, muscles, bones, intestines, nerves, veins and cells.  There are some funny pictures in my science book like a rotting orange, the Italian food pyramid, a little baby sitting on a potty, and an angry boy riding a bike.

This is a picture from my science book.

This is a picture from my science book.

We always have a break at 10:15.  That’s when we get to have a snack and talk.  My friends are Alberto, Andrea, Gaia, Anna, Alessandro and Teresa.  During break the boys sing Gangnam Style or play charades.  Actually, I don’t play charades because I have no idea what they are acting out.  Sometimes they do things and I don’t know what it is suppose to be.

This is me with my classmates.  I'm sitting between Andrea and Gaia.  In the background is poster of me that my class made at the beginning of the year.  It says, "Welcome to our school."

This is me with my classmates. I’m sitting between Andrea and Gaia. In the background is a poster of me that my class made at the beginning of the year. It says, “Welcome to our school.”

Today during snack time, I talked with Gaia.

Today during snack time, I talked with Gaia.

After school, I come home for lunch, check my emails, do my homework and get gelato.  I go across the street to Grom for gelato.  Right now my favorite flavors are cream, lemon, chocolate and stracciatella.  The most common flavor is hazelnut.  Vanilla is not very popular, and it’s hard to find.

Sabrina and Verenna and me.  Today I ordered three scoops and some whip cream.

Sabrina and Verena and me. Today I ordered three scoops of gelato and some whip cream.

We are half way through the year. It has been fun when people visit us, but I’m also excited to go home.  I miss our backyard and our house and our neighborhood and my friends.  But when I leave I will miss the gelato, the food, my Italian friends, all the traveling on Sundays and vacations.


16 thoughts on “Me in Italy (written by Ray)

  1. HI Ray. Thanks for the great post. I like the xray photo with the ring on their finger. We can’t wait to see you back home too. A little baseball in the backyard will be at the top of the list. Love you all.

  2. Hi Ray, Fantastic blog and so interesting. Seeing all the Italian words in your science book is impressive. The welcome sign in your classroom must make you feel good, huh? What flavor is stracciatella? And now I know what Gaia looks like. We can’t wait to see you in two months!! Our neighbor, Tereza was born in Italy and is teaching me some Italian phrases each day. Ciao! Love, Gramma Carol

  3. Hi Ray, I’m part of the Windermere family. Your post is very interesting. For instance,I did not know the Etruscan origin was a mystery. Also, I had to look up on of your words: stracciatella. Egg drop soup must translate to gelato with egg & cream? This year is an amazing experience you will carry with you for life. Once you are back home you will always look forward to your Italy vacations!

  4. Ray, Outstanding post. That was very nice of your class to “Welcome You”. So, did you tell the ladies at the gelato store that your grandpa and grandma grow hazelnuts? Your friends look very nice. Glad you are enjoying school. Heck, you will be able to take Italian in High School and teach the teacher. See you soon. Love, Grandpa John

  5. Hi Ray! One of my favorite blogs so far! I really get a feeling what your school days are like. Best of all is that you’re hardly saying “non capisco” any longer – very impressive. Miss you tons!

  6. I loved your post Ray, we really miss you! It was fun to see all the photos of your life. Do they make riso gelato there? That was always my favorite, along with giandiua. We actually served both at our wedding! Please give your family hugs from all the Frossmos.

  7. What a great blog you wrote, Ray. I enjoyed hearing about your school…..and seeing you enjoying a gelato. I miss those a lot!!

  8. Great post Ray! I love hearing about how you guys are doing, school, new “food” finds. Sounds like you are having a great time and making fun friends!!

  9. Ray, why are the girls in the back row wearing white smocks? I check in on your family everyday or two and there is always something that catches my eye. Make the most of your Italian submersion, it will be over all too soon. Maybe like mom you will return at a later date!

  10. Hi Ray! I loved your post. Its great that you like school and are making friends. The gelato looks delicious. Miss you! Love, Grey

  11. Have you tried the lemon gelato with the chocolate gelato? That’s one of my favorite combinations! Will you ask your friends at the gelato stand to teach you how to make it? Then, you can make it for us when you get back!

  12. Ray, I LOVE that your favorite subject is Italian Grammar. Love it. It’s okay that you miss home, but don’t take one moment of your time in Italy for granted, because in reality it will go by very quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be playing baseball in your backyard in Bellevue wishing that you could walk across the street and buy some real Italian gelatto! It’s funny how these things work – that’s why you need to love where you are when you are there! Thanks for the great post – hug and kiss your family for me :).

  13. A wonderful post Ray! So glad that you are enjoying school, making good friends and understanding the language. Love the pictures of your smiling face – you can tell that you are happy there! 🙂 The memories you are making will last a lifetime and the friends you are making in Italy will be ones that I hope you never lose touch with. I still connect with a few of my friends from my Japan days and that is a special treat! We miss you all!

  14. Hi Ray. I enjoyed your guest blog. Gaia is cute! I am happy to hear that you mostly enjoy your school and Italian friends…. and the gelato of course!

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