Golfing Lessons

Matt, Giovanni, Flavio, Sergio and Massimo

As far as most Italians are concerned, there is only one sport.  So when Matt told some friends that he plays golf three times a week, they were curious.  What is golf and how do you score a goal?  Matt tried to explain the basics, but it soon became evident that in order to fully appreciate the game, they would need to experience it.  So today he took Sergio, Flavio and Giovanni (and a couple of their kids in tow) to “Golf di Perugia” just 30 minutes outside the city to learn the basics and play the three-hole course.

Since we don’t have a car this month, Matt rode his bike.  He showed up early so he could rent equipment for them and reserve some space on the driving range.  At 11:00, everyone else arrived, and they began the lesson.  A golf pro was on hand to explain in Italian how to hold a club, how to stand and how to swing with the body.

Flavio and Sergio warm up with Matt.

Next they headed out to the three-hole executive golf course.  It was definitely a beginner day; however, Sergio played extremely well with a bogey on every hole for a score of 12.  Matt held his own with a nine.

Giovanni teed off with a surprisingly strong swing

They kept the golfing under two hours and then found a restaurant nearby to spend the rest of the afternoon.  They ordered a huge platter of sausages, pork chops, filet mignon, flank steak with mushrooms, flank steak with artichoke and a bowl of french fries.  As they were finishing dessert and their grappa-coffees, Matt asked the guys if they had any hobbies.  Giovanni said that his was eating.

Before leaving, they all agreed to meet again in January.


4 thoughts on “Golfing Lessons

  1. Matt, good for you. It looks like it was fun. My only question is how did you get your clubs there on your bike? Love to all, Grandpa John

  2. Hurray for Matt. He cracks me up. You are leaving as much in Italy as you are taking away. And Perugia is all the better for it. Love.

  3. Nice! I assume the golf course is there mostly for tourists? Explaining golf from scratch must have been challenging – so cool that they were game. The after game feast sounds pretty motivating too!

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