La Passeggiata (plus summer fashion)

Corso Vannucci intersects the historic center of Perugia just one block from our apartment.  This is the main street – a pedestrian only street – where Perugians take their evening stroll (la passeggiata).  In every Italian city beginning every night around 6:30 pm, the energy of the town goes up a couple notches.  The women dress up.  The men might dress up.   Friends, couples and families join the crowds for a couple hours before dinner.  It’s the most vibrant time of the day.  We can hear the noise from our windows.  When we look outside, the gelato line extends past the doors.  The outside cafes start to fill up.  The streets crowd with people walking slowly from “Piazza Italia” to “Piazza IV Novembre” and back again.   Often they’ll pause, light a cigarette, and look in a fancy window display or stop for an aperitif (more on that later this week.)  It’s hard to resist.  As we join in the parade, we realize it’s not about the destination (because, like I said, you just go up and down the street).  Instead, it’s about seeing and being seen. It marks the festive transition from the work day to an enjoyable evening.  It’s about getting a second wind before you start cooking in a hot kitchen.  And for us, it’s also an introduction to Italian fashion.  I don’t pretend to be an expert on dressing well (I just got rid of my fanny pack a few years ago) but here are a few observations.

A view towards “Piazza Italia”

A view from the opposite direction, looking towards “Piazza IV Novembre.” (I think metallic is in. And smoking has always been in here in Italy)

Skinny jeans and bright colors.  Pop.



Lots of bright pink polo shirts on the men

Lots of ankle boots with skirts and dresses

Lots of ankle boots with shorts (on the younger crowd)

Coordinating shoes and handbags

Classic black

Big, bold necklaces. Even mom’s shirt is wearing one.

Sandals that cover the ankles.

Animal prints and colorful pants. Also, notice the man’s hat. (More on that tomorrow)


14 thoughts on “La Passeggiata (plus summer fashion)

  1. What a great way to wind down the evening with a stroll thru the streets to see your neighbors and check out the fashions, which by the way look very European! Love, love, love your photos! And by the way, love you all!

    • Hi Callie, I’m so bummed we missed seeing you when we Skyped Jake’s house last week. Did you have fun in Seattle? How are you doing? Say hi to everyone in your family. I love you. Jill

  2. Those are fantastic pictures. Love the shirt/necklace. Do people mind or even notice you taking their picture? Love you all!

    • Hi Rose, Yes, people definitely notice. It’s hard to be sneaky, but I have a big zoom. I also have some good strategies to hide better. If it’s easy and doesn’t kill the mood, I’ll ask for permission. Everytime I do, people light up and say, “Of course!” Jill

  3. Jill- I absolutely LOVE it when I open my email and see you have posted something. Don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep! Much love to all of you

  4. I must admit I miss seeing an “one year in pergugia” new post pop up on my computer if it doesn’t show up at least once a week! This one is wonderful. (though each one is fabulous) I remember doing the night time come alive in Rome. Great experience. Europe and its fashion is so imaginative & daring. A rather “I am not dictated by any fashion rules ~ I just like it”. Tell me that wasn’t Matt in that red blazer and red leather sneakers!
    Thank you for letting me in your lives!

  5. WOW!! Looks like I will have to do some shopping before we do our la passeggiata in the evening. Not sure what outfit will show case me but you have given me some ideas. Love, Grandpa John

  6. Great post. I am interested to hear what Kim has to say too. I love the mother/daughter pair with the chunky necklace, arm in arm. I noticed her shopping bag. Must be fun to capture the photos. Jill, the paparazzi of Perugia. xoxo

  7. A) At first glance, I thought that red sneaker + red blazer guy was Matt. “Phewww!” I said to myself, and then I laughed.
    B) Favourite pic: Big, bold necklaces. Even mom’s shirt is wearing one. 🙂
    C) I love what you said about the passegiata. You description was very descriptive. (just kidding) But really, what you said, is eloquently “right on”. I want one.
    D) Love you guys! oxx

  8. I have to say that one of my kids also thought the red sneaker + red jacket guy was Matt at first glance. Upon closer inspection, we all commented how much more handsome Matt is than that guy.

  9. Too funny…loved the fashion commentary. I could just see a pair of those skinny jeans on Greg!
    Miss you – love reading this..

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