Road Trip (last stop): Mantua

There have been a couple spontaneous decisions during this little trip, one of them being our  final destination.  When we asked for suggestions before leaving Bellagio, the waiter, hotel manager and pool guy unanimously agreed we should visit Mantua (Mantova in Italian.)  So we set off.  Before today, all I knew about Mantua was that Romeo was forced to move there after killing Tybalt.  But now I also know that roast donkey is the local specialty.  And I know what it tastes like, too.

Seeing the sites. Here are the boys in front of the Cathedral of S. Andrea

As soon as we arrived, we booked a tour with Daniele.  He’s a guide we found on the internet.  The first stop was the Cathedral of Sant’ Andrea.  This is a pretty big church for such a small town.  But there’s a good reason.  Daniele explained: Back when Jesus was nailed to the cross, some drops of blood fell to the earth.  They were later collected in a jar and brought to Mantua.  This church was built to house the holy relics.  Unfortunately the containers were lost over the years.  But fortunately, they were found again in a different area in Mantua.  And so another cathedral was built.

Now there are two cathedrals in this small town

We didn’t get to see the blood because there was an earthquake last May and many of the rooms which display art and artifacts are under renovation.  But we’ll be back because this was one of our favorite Italian towns so far.  I loved the tiny winding streets, the four interconnecting piazzas, the pumpkin tortelloni, the sparking red wine , and the lady who owns the hotel where we stayed.  Our one-night excursion turned into two.  But I would have liked to stay for a week.

On Sunday evening, our northern Italian trip ended.  We arrived home to find a dead bat on the living room floor.  Later that night, the power went out.  Matt was able to find the fuse box on the ground floor while I stayed in the apartment.  We communicated with text messages until the proper switch was flipped.  And after hiking back up six flight of stairs, it went off again.  It was definitely time to open that souvenire bottle of lambrusco we brought back from Mantua.


5 thoughts on “Road Trip (last stop): Mantua

  1. It’s Meaty. A little wild tasting. And good. It’s kind of like a strong flavored brisket. I ordered it twice. It’s funny to order something called “stracotto di asino” (stew of an ass)

  2. Dane and I spent Friday night at a wine and food fundraiser at Pike Place Market. Lots of delicious, local food to be had there. Didn’t see any ass. 🙂

  3. Jill, I love reading the posts and seeing the fantastic photos. You make us feel like we are with you and the history is fascinating. Must say, donkey does not hit the top of my list.
    Sounds like your apartment is full of many stories and adventures as well, sorry! 😦
    Alek loved getting the surprise phone call from Tom the other day only to be followed by the video in the mail. It made his day and mine!
    Looking forward to your next post. Until then, love and hugs from all of us to all of you.

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