Wild Waves of Perugia

Hiking up the hill for another ride

Make no mistake, if it were up to me, I would have chosen a charming medieval hill town to explore, maybe buy a postcard and a glass of wine.  But I’m just one vote.  So on Thursday, we piled in the Fiat and drove to the Tavernella Water Park, just 25 minutes from our apartment.  We arrived at this technicolor oasis in time to get one of the last umbrellas.  The boys quickly put on swim caps and headed up the hill to slide. Matt ordered us a cold glass of sparking wine while I unpacked our beach bag.  A giant portion soon arrived in a keg cup.  And here we played until closing at 7pm.  I humbly admit that it turned out to be the best day we’ve had all week.  The boys were super happy.  And the watersides were fast and fun.

Tom heads down backwards.

a view from our umbrella

yes, that’s a speedo

Required swim caps in all Italian public pools





7 thoughts on “Wild Waves of Perugia

  1. I love it!! I just added to my list of things to do when we visit………not sure I will wear a speedo but it does give another reason to stay on my diet. Love, Grandpa John

  2. Finally I figured out how to leave you a comment here! Had to get off the iPad and onto the iMac. “Technology.” What an awesome water park! That seems like such an American thing – good thing you had to wear swim caps so that it could still be an authentic Italian experience! I miss you guys a lot. My heart breaks for you and your boys when you post about them missing their friends – I don’t know why, but I feel like I know how they must feel. I will write more later. Did I mention we put an offer on a house today? I’m freaking out…

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