Orvieto (we might become Catholics again)

Matt and Jill at the Duomo in Orvieto

After two regretful days at the chilly and drizzly beach in Porto Santo Stefano, we are finally back in Perugia.  And it’s never looked so good. However, on the way home, we took a little detour to see the Duomo of Orvieto.  Somewhere I read that this is one of the best cathedrals in Italy.   Truly, we concluded, this church is magnificent.  It took 30 years just to plan and another 300 to build.  It’s giant, colorful and packed with frescos about doomsday.  All of that is stunning, but the most inspiring aspect is The Magical, Miraculous Cloth of Blood that is kept under a sliver monument in the Duomo chapel.  After we listened to the explanation with our audio guide, Ray said, “Wow!  That makes me believe in Jesus and God even more.”  The story goes like this:  There was a priest near Orvieto who was having some doubts about his job, especially the Eucharist part.  So he decided to take a pilgrimage to Rome.  On the way, he stopped at a church and asked if he could say mass.  While he was going through the motions of turning the bread into Christ, he noticed blood dripping from the host.  He made the obvious conclusion that it was Jesus’ blood.  The miracle obliterated his doubts.  And the cloth on which the blood spilt was quickly gathered and soon taken to Orvieto, where it now rests (out of sight, unfortunately.)

On our way out of town, we climbed the famous tower called Torre del Moro.  It’s in the center of town and promised a sweeping view of the city.  We hiked up 243 steps to the top.  Tom took one look and said, “Rewardless.”  Matt, Ray and I disagreed; we hung out for a while as Tom began the descent.

The tip top of Orvieto’s tower, Duomo in background


6 thoughts on “Orvieto (we might become Catholics again)

  1. Beautiful !! We will definitely want Tom and Ray take us to the Orvieto. Ray could start and keep a scrape book of all the churches he visits this year. It would be a real keepsake. As you know each one is unique and at the same time breathless. Love to all. Grandpa John

  2. You Deasys are such tremendous family and I’m so proud of your adventure and year in Italy. The blog is most enjoyable with great photos and Jill’s – I feel-like-I’m-there- commentary Thank you for sharing your year and I’ll check in again soon, Travel safely, and follow your bliss. Suzi Albrecht (the mom!) Hey, Matt is quite the stud… white jeans are hot!

  3. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Love being in the loop and enjoying vacationing vicariously through you. Thank you for sharing.

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