Day 2

a reenactment (A reenactment)

No one is loving it yet.  I remind the boys (and Matt reminds me) that things will look up, and we need to be patient.

We moved into our apartment yesterday morning.  It was very stuffy  and dusty.  But it’s a really pretty place,  I cleaned out the drawers and cupboards, Matt opened all the windows.  The boys unpacked.  Then we bought sheets and started a load of laundry.  At 1:00 we took a break for lunch.  The owner welcomed us to Perugia by waving the bill.  On the way back to the apartment, Matt decided to go shopping and take care of errands.  The boys and I said we’d see him back home in a few hours.

However, the nap we were looking for would not happen.  As we entered, we saw to our horror that the floor was flooded.  Our washing machine had broke and was gushing water throughout the house.  I quickly ran to the third floor and switched off the water valve then ran back inside to assess the disaster.  The bathroom and living room were submerged in ¼ inch of water.  This totally sucked.  And there was nothing to do except turn our brand new bath towels into mops and sop up the water little by little.  We filled three buckets with the flood waters, dragged the carpets outside to dry, and finally finished the clean up just in time for Matt’s return.


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Oh man! I cannot believe that happened. miss you guys already, so weird to not see my favorite family across the street. Looks like I’m never moving and you guys can’t either (well perminately…) Things can only look up from here. I love you all!! ❤ Hannah

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