Countdown, four hours to take off

Eight bags, four adults.  We look excited.  Happy.  Optimistic.  We look like we are getting along well.  But these last four days have been stressful.  Tons of decisions . . . like whether to bring ski socks.  One or two Italian dictionaries?  Should we download the new Snow White movie or will British Air have enough on their entertainment channels?  And with all this last minute planning, it can be hard to get along.  And it’s hard to say goodbye.  It’s hard to watch the kids say goodbye.  Then my back went out this morning so I made a last minute appointment at the chiropractor.  He convinced me to bring my therapeutic water pillow.  I think Matt’s going to crack up when I pull it out of my luggage tomorrow when we arrive.

We are driving out of the driveway in 15 minutes.  The flight takes off at 6:45pm.  We are going to live in Italy for a year. This all feels so weird.


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