Wooing the boys

New Fans

Tom and Ray don’t want to go to Italy.  They’d rather stay here with their friends.  We try to romance them with promises of gelato every day.  But they keep a running list of all the bad things about moving 5500 miles away.  (I tell them it’s not 5500 miles but 9000 kilometeres . . . ha ha, but they don’t laugh.)  The list goes like this:  “I don’t want to leave my friends.”   “I don’t want to go to a school where no one speaks English.”  “I don’t want to have a dress code.”  “Celsius is confusing.”  “I don’t like foreign food.”  “It’s going to be too hot.”  “I don’t want to miss UW Husky football season.”   I get it.  I moved to a different state in seventh grade, and it sucked.

But this week, fate has tossed these sports fans a bone;  Italy is in the Eurocup ’12 finals.  And the playoffs were sweet.  Last Thursday, we watched the semifinals on ESPN and caught some soccer fever.  Thank you, Mario Balotelli, Italy’s hero of the moment, for the two beautiful goals.  You scored new fans.  And now Tom and Ray feel some connection with the national pride and a little solidarity with a winning team.  That’s all I can ask for right now.

(Please win against Spain on Sunday.)


2 thoughts on “Wooing the boys

  1. Hi, my wife found your blog (I don’t know how..) and I have read almost every post in your blog in the last couple of days. It was really entertaining and informative. Congratulations for the blog (you must have carried your camera an entire year on your neck…! ;-). We will be going to the Siena region again this summer, as last year, but for some reason, even if we are in Tuscanny, we often look for places to visit in Umbria…so your posts come in very handy. Besides I found your stories full of humanity and I got easily cought into them… I was looking for monuments and then was caught by your personal stories… ! I realised that you will be leaving in some days, so have a nice trip back ! P.S. You could keep the blog for a bit longuer just to let people know how was the ‘after-sabbatical’… did things look different after you came back to the US? What did you miss the more? Did that year change you in some way? etc… I just commented on this post because it was one of the last ones and I liked the part about football and your hope that Spain would loose in the Eurocup ’12 final… Being myself Spanish, I am glad that that you did not need that after all to convince the kids to live one year in Italy… ;-)) By the way, there will be a ‘revenge time’ tomorrow Thursday 27 as Spain and Italy meet in Semi-finals of the Confederations Cup in Brazil… I hope you will watch it with (Italian) friends ;-))

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